Sunday, October 26, 2014

Curdmudgucation's "Burden of Proof"

I follow a blog titled "Burden of Proof" by Peter Green called Curdmudgucation.

Recently Mr. Green wrote about the harm that current education reforms do to young children. The problem with current education reforms is that they begin with the assumption that schools are failing because of bad teachers. All efforts to improve public schools are predicated on the idea that what's wrong with schooling is bad teachers.

One problem with this approach is that it will miss all of the other ways in which schools might be improved. For me, one of the worst consequences is the harm it does to young children.

Here is an a teaser from this post:

"This is the essence of bad assessment, particularly for young children. Park of the idea of authentic assessment (for you young folks, that an approach to assessement that was just gathering steam when No Child Left Behind came along and stabbed it in the heart) was that for teachers to approach assessement by asking, "What would be the best way for me to allow the sutendts to reaveal what she knows or can do?" High stakes standardized testing says to the child, "Prove to me that you're not a loser."

Here is a link to Mr. Green's post. "Burden of Proof."

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