Monday, May 5, 2014

Wooden Cities & 300 inch skids

The day started off with a nice breakfast thanks to the Dunham School Board who put together a bacon and eggs and sausage breakfast complete with potatoes, tortillas, and salsa (today is Cinco de Mayo). What a nice surprise!

Then we had our first-Monday-of-the-month assembly where we all sang the new Dunham School song with Mr. Shaible on guitar and me on ukulele. That was fun.

We got to centers a bit behind schedule as is usually the case after the assemblies. In my center we worked on gluing bits of wood into imaginary cities. Noah and Ava made cities and Beck decided on an airplane.

The wooden pegs are inserted into 1/4 holes made with a hand-powered drill.
While the weather looked "iffy" when I arose early this morning, by late morning the clouds scattered away in the wind and a blue sky shone over the school yard.

Evan made the longest skid we've seen this year—300 inches, or 25 feet. That's him at the end of the tape measure.

A long skid for sure
Be well!

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