Monday, May 19, 2014

Travel Journal

Each day I try to read a "non-fiction" title to the class. As wonderful as the storybooks for kindergarten children can be, I've found that for some students have more of an appetite for works of nonfiction. (As an adult I'm almost always reading nonfiction titles. Though I enjoy an occasional novel, it's rare that I read them.)

Today we had the treat of reading a nonfiction work by one of our students, Nicholas. He and his family traveled to Disneyland late last week. Nicholas kept a travel journal which will be a real keepsake for his family. I took a few pictures of its pages so you can see what he did.

Later in the morning Jacob pulled out some custom tailpipes for his Harley. We installed them and he roared away.

Loud pipes. Our bikes make quite a racket these days.

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