Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Snapshots of Kindergarten

Here are a few snapshots taken recently.

Nathan helps Kaden drill a hole in a small block of wood.
Happy architects. It's great having fathers help out. I love Waylon's proud smile.

Over in the stress ball center, kids are making really good squeeze balls by packing balloons with a mixture of cornstarch and table salt. Using a funnel and a pencil they pack the powder into the balloon till it is really jammed in there. CL Harry, Mackie's dad, has got this process down to a science.

Mackie's mom and dad have been very generous with their time in helping run our centers.

Jax packs his squeeze ball. The results are surprisingly good.

Noah was able to stay after school yesterday. All by himself he made this. Pretty cool.

Tomorrow will be our last day of Tribes. We'll have a small celebration to send off our sixth grade members.

Be well.

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