Wednesday, May 7, 2014

More Frosting than Cake

What a day! There was so much extra activity that the regular routines were kind of lost in the mix. Exhilarating, yes, but also leaving us looking for our breathing and quiet place tools.

The day began with a nice presentation to both Mrs. Zell and me of a beautifully custom-painted flower pot filled with seeds to plant. This was to observe Teacher Appreciation Week. They got some nice photos of us surrounded by the class:

There were cards and flowers and other gifts, enough for sure to make us feel showered in warm appreciation. Thank you all!

In centers, quite by accident, we stumbled upon a way to improve the quality of the play dough. Somehow, a little bit of the cornstarch and salt mixture that we're using to fill the squeeze balls found its way on to the play dough table. The resulting mixture was smoother and more workable and in every way nicer to handle.

As far as I know, this play dough is the best there is, and invented right here at Dunham School.
After morning recess and snack, our day was filled with "supplementary curricula" better known as the frosting on the daily educational cake.

We had music with Andrew, Fifth Grade Buddies for lunch and our third to last day of activities with them, and our last Tribes meeting of the year. In honor of our departing Sixth Grade tribe members we had a nice ice cream sundae and a game of Heads up, Seven Up.

Imagine a chocolate cake with as much frosting as cake, that's how the day felt to me at dismissal time.

Twenty more days of kindergarten. (Yes, I'm counting.) I want to savor each moment of it.

Be well.

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