Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday Newsbits

The class photo went well and we got back in time to do centers as usual.

One of the centers this week is making "Eggs in a Basket" one of those tried-and-true classroom recipes that is probably cooked more at school than anywhere else. It's sort of like French Toast, but different. More like a egg fried in a slice of bread. In any event, it gives kids a chance to see the transformations of food that cooking involves and it sure makes the room smell good. Amy's been running this center.

That's our new boy, Ivan, on his second day with us at the lower left.

We got to enjoy the very spring like weather today on bikes. Mrs. M even brought her bike.

Jax practiced his skidding skills.

The boys bonded.

Activities like these promote the healthy development of social skills.

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Katrina Hupfeld said...

Good morning Mr. Gurney! I just cracked up when I saw this little video regarding New Math. I see my future...