Friday, April 4, 2014

Same Snack Calendar & Other News


Wednesday's unexpected school closure may have caused some uncertainty about the snack calendar. Please follow the existing calendar—the April Snack Calendar that was sent home last Friday. (I'm aware of a few tweaks parents have arranged among themselves to celebrate birthdays, and those exchanges are fine.)


For those of you who might be interested in some at-home fun, Mrs. Zell enclosed her recipe for "Gack" or "Slime" that interesting blue stuff the kids made in Mrs. Zell's center last time around. I'm guessing that you might enjoy making a batch at home.


We'll be playing another round of Bingo in the coming round of centers. If your child needs some practice instantly recognizing two-digit numbers, I commend to you the traditional game of Bingo. At school I've seen about a dozen of the kindergarten class become much more familiar with reading and recognizing these numbers as a result of playing. And the good thing is, they don't have much sense of "working at learning" this skill. I can assure you that direct lessons on this topic do feel like work.

If you don't have a traditional Bingo game to play at home, consider going out this weekend and bringing one home. You can get a good basic game for less than $20.


We won't have centers on Monday morning. But if you're a parent volunteer, please feel free to stay while we introduce the game of dominoes to the kindergarten class.

Also on Monday we will welcome a new boy to our class, Ivan (pronouced EE' bvon). Ivan will be learning to speak English as he gets acquainted with his new classmates.


The weather forecast for the coming weekend calls for warming and sunnier days ahead. I hope everyone will have a chance to get outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Be well.

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