Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pasta in Pictures & Noah's Success

The day got off to a good start when Nicholas and his dad put together some creative linking cube figures. Take a look—

I could see these merited a closer look.
Among them were...

A tiger

A palm tree

And my favorite, this quacker

Mrs. Zell showed the class how to make a pasta dough by hand from scratch. All you need is two cups of flour, three eggs, a pair of clean hands, and some know-how. Look and see....

Soon it becomes a ball of dough to knead until stiff and ready for the pasta machine.
Just before bikes, Noah was ready to show what he knows of the Soundabet. He took the mic and did really well.

A proud kinder
And his happy parents.

Way to go, Noah. You filled some buckets today.

Be well.

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