Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mrs. Zell! Mrs. Zell! Mrs. Zell!

Out on the playground today all I could hear were excited bike riders calling out, "Mrs. Zell! Mrs. Zell! Mrs. Zell!"

They wanted her attention because she had taken a measuring tape out to the playground. She was helping the riders measure how long their skids were.

What a great impromptu lesson in measurement! Their interest and motivation could not have been higher.

Evan's early skid

Kaden points to the endpoint of his curving skid mark.
After while we started to write down the measurements. Jax poses near his 9' 6" skid.
Evan managed a 17 footer. 
Our 12' measuring tape was not long enough for the longest skids so some addition of 2 measurements was required to get the right total length.

This is the kind of math "lesson" that sticks to the ribs.

Hearing the excited cries of "Mrs. Zell" was music to my ears.

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