Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Crystal Climbers & Parent Volunteers

It was great having so many parent volunteers this morning. It gave me the chance to move around the classroom with a camera during centers time.

I spent some time at the Crystal Climbers table and got a couple of photos there.

These link together in a secure way. The unusual shiny translucent pieces add some interest.
Kaden worked on this rocket ship.
Chas came in to run the "Eggs in a Basket" center. He thoroughly enjoyed helping out, as did both his daughters and the other kids at the table. Their center made our room smell like an old-fashioned morning diner.

Yummy fun
Evan's mom, Kath, ran the Bingo center for which I was grateful. Martin got the first Bingo.


There is no school for students on Monday, April 21. This day is a teacher in-service training day for teachers and classroom instructional assistants. 

Tomorrow and Friday Ms. Hulsey (also known as Ms. H.) will fill in for me. She's a former kindergarten teacher who has filled in for other Dunham teachers this year. This blog will resume on Tuesday, April 22.

Until then,

Happy trails, and

Be well.

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