Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Class Group Photo First Thing Tomorrow

Today a kindergartner's grandma told me that her grandson was happy to ride on training wheels until the day his younger cousin got going on two wheels. At that moment the desire and determination to shed the training wheels took over and he's been riding ever since.

In the same way, playing Bingo at school is great for the kids who were happy not to read two-digit numbers. At school when they play with friends, they quickly see that others can read them. The determination to learn this skill is born.

In this second round of Bingo I'm seeing a whole lot more kids learn how to read two-digit numbers because they want to know how, and they know they can learn. It's fun to watch it happen.

Mrs. Zell's Bingo cage makes the second time round more interesting.

And, two reminders:

Tomorrow is Classroom Group photo day. We'll get to that first thing in the morning and I expect we will be able to do centers.

Tomorrow is also a bike and garden day.

Be well.

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