Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bingo & Bikes

After the unexpected day off yesterday, this morning felt a bit like a Monday.

At centers in my group we're playing Bingo, a great game for teaching two-digit numbers to kindergarten schoolchildren. Quite a few have improved their abilities to tell a 37 from a 73. We'll repeat this center next time around.

Today Dario got the winning card.


It was also a bike day, and unlike on Monday earlier this week, we were able to get out there and ride. It was great. The boys enjoy the challenge of jumping their bikes over a small hillock on the southeast corner of the track.

Dario getting some air under that front wheel

Kaden too

And Wyatt

I was especially pleased that the girls, who previously seemed to prefer watching this BMX action, decided to join the fun. Addie got things going for the girls, what with her horseback riding experience coming in to play....

Here is Addie getting some air as Kaden offers an encouraging word.
Some other girls had a go, too.

Aubrie gave it a go. Getting air awaits another day.

Lexi rode through the bike jump, too. Yay for the girls.
I wasn't able to photograph all the kids riding through the jumps. A lot of kids had a go at it.

Have a good afternoon.

Be well.

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