Monday, April 28, 2014

A Plate of GOOD Pasta

One of the nice little benefits of teaching kindergarten is.... having a good breakfast ready at school when you didn't have time for a good breakfast at home.

Mrs. Zell served up the last of her made from scratch pasta this morning as we finished up this round of centers.

(They saved a plate for me!)

I was pleased to see how many of the plates were green (with pesto sauce) in contrast to earlier on when most of the plates were white (with just parmesan cheese or butter).

Many people say—I know because I ask adults who come back to see me—that cooking is what they recall about kindergarten two or three decades down the road.

A nice day, with good weather for bikes.

Tomorrow we are between centers. Parent volunteers may take the day off.

Reminder: tomorrow you can meet the new TK teacher, Ms. Rhoads. Be here at 5:30.

Be well.

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