Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spirit Day Tomorrow

In centers today we continued with our sink/float investigation, adding plywood and ice cream sticks to the mix.

Kaden discovered that wet blocks stick together. He even stuck a paper clip. The water acts like a thin glue.

These blocks act as if they were glued together with a weak glue. They are just wet.

Mrs. Zell is working in a science center of her own initiative.  She first did it as a parent volunteer last year. It is making Lava Lamps.

ExZELLent work!
I haven't taken a photo of the waffle cooking project yet. Will try to get one soon.



Tomorrow we'll be on bikes after lunch.

Tomorrow is a spirit day. It's Bring-in-a-stuffed-animal day.
The stuffed animal should be small enough to fit easily inside their cubby.

Be well!

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