Wednesday, March 5, 2014

New Centers

In the science center I'm leading we're using little blocks of wood to compare how much buoyancy they have. We tested little blocks made of redwood, pine, bass wood, and particle board.

Particle board floated the fewest paper clips.

Another center introduced Perler beads.

A heart in the making

All done!

One of the independent centers tried to put together some floor puzzles. They got the fire truck puzzle done.

Fire truck is done. The fairy castle is still in pieces.
In addition to this we did Buddy day.

My group got a drawing lesson out of a book that my brother found really helpful when he was a kid. He wrote the introduction to the reissue of this book.

This book got him started on a lifelong career as an illustrator and artist.

I pulled a quick lesson out of the book on drawing a yacht. The fifth graders really enjoyed their lesson.

The book was written long enough ago that yachts looked like this.

Be well.

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