Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Late March Centers

Nick's brother Anthony is studying, too.

After Nicholas P.'s demonstration of his self-defense skills we brought up a new set of centers to finish out the month of March.

Mrs. Zell's center making "slime" or "gack" definitely drew a lot of attention as the one to look forward to.

Love those safety goggles

In my center we're playing Bingo, the original form of the game. I've found that it helps youngsters learn to recognize two-digit numbers without realizing they're learning them.

Nicholas P., who was the person of the day also happened to be the first to score five in a row.

Nick's winning card
In another center, kids made characters out of thumbprints. Cash's mom, Katrina Hupfeld, is leading this center all week.

These thumbprint guys end up having lots of character.

 Link to Nicholas's  Martial Arts USA school.

Be well.

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