Monday, March 31, 2014

Last Day of March

Today, Monday, was the last day of March.

That said, we had our "first"-of-the-month-Monday School Assembly this morning. The first grade edged out the kindergarten for the spirit day pennant that we won last month. Several of the teachers talked about trying to cut down on classroom interruptions and blurting last month with varying success. We still have a long ways to go on that score here in kindergarten, there's no doubt about it. I talked about our efforts while riding bikes to pick litter up off the playing field. Last month we picked up 228 pieces of litter.

When we got back to class we used the pattern tiles to make some hexagon-based designs. I was particularly taken with Lexi's.

Waylon brought in a cute snack with an element of spring—hard-boiled chicks. The eyes were made of little pieces of black olives and the beaks are carved from raw carrot.

At the end of the day we went out briefly under threatening skies for our usual Monday morning bike ride. It wasn't long before the clouds opened up and washed out that plan.

We came inside before it came to this.
Mrs. Zell worked with Mackie who's now a Soundabet master who knows all 41 sounds, even the tough ones.

The microphone can add extra pressure, making it harder to recall the sounds.
She did it, and her dad was there to see it happen. Way to go, Mackie.

Stay dry.

Be well.

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