Monday, March 10, 2014

Kids Teaching Kids

Much earlier in my career, I wish I had figured out that kids learn from other kids. Sometimes when I seem unable to get an idea across, I just ask a classmate to teach the lesson in my place.

Today I asked Sophia to help Keila with her Soundabet cards. What a pleasure it was to see Sophia explain them to Keila. All my "expertise" as a teacher puts me at a distinct disadvantage compared to someone who's just recently learned the Soundabet and can get across some strategies for learning that they themselves found useful.

Later on Lexi and Aubrie wanted to see if they could rattle off the Soundabet within the time it takes for one cycle of the sandglass. Neither of them thought they could do it. Both were surprised and proud to find out that they could.

Aubrie and Lexi standing tall

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