Thursday, March 6, 2014

Jacob's Guitar & Addison's Triumph

Jacob came in with his guitar today and we found places throughout the morning when he could strum it for the class. He even took it out to the garden under showery skies. Jacob was good about sharing his guitar with classmates who wanted to have a go at strumming. Here he is sharing it with Sophia.

Addison showed us all how fully she's mastered the Soundabet. To celebrate we went outside a bit earlier than usual for bikes.

Another happy master of the Soundabet

Just as soon as we got outside to ride, a raincloud opened up and really rained hard. We took shelter under the eaves of the classroom and I asked the class to count in unison until the rain stopped, I thought we might have to count as far as 100, (or maybe longer) but by the time we reached 47 the rain ceased as suddenly as it had begun.

Happily, the garden program started up again this week. That means we'll be riding bikes Mondays, Thursdays and on second and fourth Wednesdays. Students freely choose to ride bikes or dig in the garden. Sometimes they leave their helmets on while gardening, which probably makes sense with all the shovels and rakes around.

Jax and Julie doing the garden, digging the weeds, who could ask for more?

We made sure to pick up every last little piece of trash on the playground. Cash was the custodian of the trash bucket. Here Lexi helps him fill it. At the end of each bike day we'll count the trash we collect and report on the results at the April assembly.

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I think we collected 43 pieces today.

A peek inside the bucket
Be well.

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