Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Notes

Noah became a big brother to his new baby sister who was born on Wednesday. Congratulations to Noah and his mom and dad.

You should find the second trimester progress report among the things your child brought home today. There is no need to return it.

Parent volunteers do not need to come in when we resume kindergarten on Monday, March 24. We will begin the next round of centers the next day, Tuesday, March 25.

We're back to a twice-weekly "plus" schedule for bikes. Weather permitting we will ride bikes every Monday, every Thursday from here on out. In addition to those two days we will also ride on second and fourth Wednesdays. Those every-other Wednesdays are the "plus" part of the weekly schedule.

So unless it's raining jellyfish and gummy bears, bring those bikes in next Monday.

My camp trailer, where I plan to be for a good part of the coming week.

Between now and then, please enjoy the spring weather in the nine days we have to enjoy it.

Be well.

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