Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday in Kindergarten

Today was Jax's day. Jax's mom, Wendy helped out at centers time and helped the kids to a couple of puzzles on the green mat. The castle puzzle hadn't been completed yet this year. 

With Wendy Kellerman's help, the castle puzzle finally got made.

Jax brought in a story to read the class called "Snug House Bug House." It's a great beginning reader I had not seen before Jax brought it to my attention. It rhymes and mostly keeps to two-word sentences that end in "it" like "Plan it." "Ink it."
Jax did a great job reading it.

Jax read this beginning beginning reading book to the class.
In centers we floated pennies and paper clips with bits of wood and with rafts we made from craft sticks earlier this year. 
Our investigation extended to rafts we built earlier this year.

Ella became a Soundabet Grandmaster this morning, easily breezing through the Queens Cards. Way to go Ella!

Have a good weekend.

Be well.

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