Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Cash's Big Day

Today Cash turned 6 years old. So it was a big day for Cash to begin with.

He decided to take on the Soundabet Master Challenge.

Even the stuffed animals were rooting for Cash.

And he was successful. His success meant we could have some extra bike time in the morning.

Sophia became a Soundabet Grandmaster this morning so we could have some extra bike time this afternoon. (The Handwriting lesson can wait.)

During the second bike riding session after lunch, Cash hopped on board our "boneshaker" bike which is in reality harder to ride than an ordinary bike. But some kids like it for its resemblance to our tricycle fleet and the feelings of familiarity and safety that go along with that look.

He's in for a revelation when he rides his "Tomater" bike—it'll be easier to ride than he imagines.
Enjoy this beautful spring weather.

Be well.

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