Friday, March 28, 2014

Assembly Monday

No centers for Monday due to the monthly school assembly. I am going to slot a math lesson into the schedule right there.

Speaking of math, we'll be talking at the assembly about the kindergarten's on-going (for years, really) effort to pick up litter from the playground. Over the years as kindergarten kids have grown up they have become much better about not littering. Years ago we would pick up hundreds upon hundreds of pieces of litter every day we went out which back then was twice a week.

These days the litter is harder to find because the pieces are smaller and they are more spread out. Still, over the month of March we picked up a total of 228 pieces of litter. We counted it and kept track.

Here is a display using one linking cube to represent each piece of litter we collected. Evan was able to see that there were 228 linking cubes without actually counting them.

Sophia's day today, so she wanted to pose for the picture after the lesson.

I asked him to explain how he knew this. He took the microphone and did a splendid job.

After Evan's explanation, we went on to talk about "take away from 10" problems using fingers. We'd start out with two handfuls of fingers out and then "take away" some of the fingers to see what was left. A lot of the kids were delighted to learn this way of doing "take away" problems.

Have a good weekend. Enjoy the rain that's forecast to come in on Saturday.

Be well.

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