Thursday, February 27, 2014

Two New Soundabet Grandmasters

The ranks of the kinders who've mastered both the uppercase and lowercase forms of the Soundabet (we call them Soundabet Grandmasters) continues to grow. Today both Evan and Aileigh did the trick. They were so quick that they both got through the entire Soundabet in less than the time for the sand to run through the sandglass. That's never been done before and we celebrated by enjoying a bit more time outdoors today, both at recess and at bike time.

All of us were happy at their success
I am both pleased and amazed at the response to my plea for pennies for patients. Tomorrow is the last day of the drive. We had a long way to catch up with everyone else. We'll see how we did tomorrow when the student council comes to weigh us in. Even if we don't win, we'll have made a respectable showing.

Thanks, and please keep those pennies rolling in.

All for now....

Be well.

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