Thursday, February 13, 2014

Performers With a Heart

This morning got off to a rousing start.

Ron Schultz from Performers With a Heart stopped by with his washtub bass to play a few songs for us.

Ron and his homemade, top-quality washtub bass.

Ron plays his music in front of Oliver's Market in Santa Rosa. All the tips he receives are used to buy Pork and Beans and given to local food banks. He also does birthday performances for people who would otherwise not have a celebration of their birthday.

We invited one of the moms to come up and try out the washtub bass. Aileigh's mom, Rachel, volunteered and we played and sang together making my favorite kind of music: homemade music.

Making music is a special kind of fun.

Ron showed me how to put one of these things together and I'm a thinkin' it would be fun to put together a kid-sized washtub bass for kindergarten.

Here's a video of Ron talking about Performers with a Heart.

Be well. See you tomorrow on Valentine's Day.

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