Thursday, February 20, 2014

More Interesting Patterns

Many mornings kindergartners find linking cubes at their tables. In no time they begin to link them together, often in linear patterns.

The most common pattern to emerge is the simplest: ABAB...

After time has passed and a child has put together enough AB patterns to fully assimilate that particular sequence, other patterns get built. Here is Dario's work today, showing his warmup ABAB pattern, held in his left hand, and a more complicated AAABBBCCC pattern that he's holding in his right hand.

Most of the students in kindergarten still build the simple AB pattern but are trying out more challenging ones. Kaden put together this AABBCC pattern.

The most ambitious pattern I saw this morning was one Evan put together. He was trying to use ALL the colors.

Evan's ABCDEFGHIJ pattern

Evan's pattern here doesn't jump out at you as a pattern, but it is a repeating pattern that he built (from right to left) using ten colors: Red-Orange-Light Green-Yellow-Black-Pink-Light Blue-White-Brown-Dark Green. So I guess we'd call that an ABCDEFGHIJ pattern.

In KIDS club today the kids built a bunch of words to blend in the pocket chart. Here they are.

The word "POM" there was built mainly because it's easy to decode. Technically we ought to have built another "POM" right next door to it to yeild "POM-POM" which is the name for those things cheerleaders use in their routines and/or the name of WWII naval anti-aircraft guns, probably because those guns when fired made smokey bursts of shrapnel in the air that resembled the cheerleader's pom-poms, but that's just a guess.

Anyway, your child might want to read these fifteen words to you.

For tomorrow:

No centers tomorrow.

P.E.—appropriate footwear reminder for tomorrow.

Mrs. Zell will have a substitute, Mrs. Everson, who was Mrs. Zell's predecessor here in kindergarten. We'll be in good hands.

Be well.

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