Wednesday, February 5, 2014


It's fun to see our fifth grade buddies help their kindergarten siblings learn the Soundabet. Julie is *almost* there. Here she practices with her fifth grade buddy, Alitza, who was really impressed by how much Julie knows.

Julie has almost mastered the King's cards.

Once the kids in kindergarten know the whole Soundabet we can get practice blending simple three letter words like "bit" and "fix." I'm working with the kids who've mastered the Soundabet and giving them practice blending the sounds they know into words they recognize.

There is really no reason to confine our practice to little bitty words.

For more than half of the kindergartners I'm working with, the leap to multisyllabic words is both exciting and satisfying.

This morning they were reading some pretty big words and having delicious success at sounding them out.

Here's what the pocket chart looked like halfway through the morning today:

It isn't as hard as it seems when you break words into syllables.
And having the Soundabet onboard makes words like "northern" decodable.
We also had TRIBES today. In our Tribes, Mrs. Zell and I had the kids work with an age-old game, "Cat's Cradle."

It was Mrs. Zell's idea—and a good one at that. The kids, young and younger, had a good time.

Here are two sixth graders showing how it's done:

So good. I was learning, too.
Be well.

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