Friday, February 21, 2014


I've read that kids these days will need to learn to read and write bilingually—in two languages. They'll have to learn to read and write in standard American English as well as a new form of written communication that's emerging these days—texting. 

I'm not accustomed to the new texting language, but I think it's something similar to what I've got up there in the title.

We got the day underway with the pattern blocks. We saw designs ranging from simple and elegant, like this one that looks to me like a Siamese cat sitting on its haunches:

To somewhat more complex designs like this one:

And even more elaborate designs like this:

The sun streamed into the room through the window in the door facing the playground and when Lexi stepped there it made a sparkly sight on the floor.

Dario showed up to class carrying a newspaper with a picture of him getting ready for baseball.

That's Dario in the middle of the frame, looking upward in that big batting helmet

With Mrs. Zell away, we used centers time to complete a couple of pages in our handwriting book. We will resume centers on Monday next week, as usual.

Looks like fine springlike weather has settled in for the weekend. I plan to be outdoors a lot. I hope your weekend is wonderful.

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