Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Beck's Band & Pennies for Patients

We started off with Beck, the person of the day, leading his classroom band—composed of himself on drums, his dad, Kevin, on guitar, his grandpa, Dennis, on electric bass guitar, and his teacher on ukulele.

Beck's mom got this photo of the band after we finished playing.

Beck bought his drum set with money he earned from doing chores around the house.

We sang some familiar songs and were also treated to a drum solo by Beck.

Musical seeds were planted. Several times this morning I heard Beck's classmates tell me that they were going to save up their money to buy a musical instrument.

The band in action

The student council came by to tell us we are in last place* in the "Pennies for Patients" drive to collect pennies to help support research and treatment for pediatric leukemia/lymphoma patients.

The reason kindergarten is in last place is because of me.  Until today I've neglected to tell the kids in the class (and you parents) about this penny collection effort.

Pennies for Patients ends Friday. Please bring in those pennies. Be sure to read the footnote*.

Look for this box near the front door.

Be well.


*There's a competition among the classes to see which class brings in the most pennies. To determine who's winning in the campaign, the money you send in to us is not counted, but weighed. A paper dollar, while welcome, won't count for (or weigh) nearly as much as 100 pennies. If you wish, you might decide to stop by a bank and convert some of your dollar bills to rolls of pennies and bring 'em in. No need to unroll them, we can just open the box and drop them in there.

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