Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Audrey Masters the Soundabet

We got the ZOOBS out for the beginning of the day.

The kids and some parents sat down and got to work putting them together. In a few minutes Mackie, who had been working with her mom's and dad's help, came up to show me what she'd made—a robot.

I've been waiting/hoping for something like this to come out of the ZOOB time. I hope your kid takes a long look at this guy and tries to remember how he's built. Next time we get out the ZOOBs I'll bet we see more interesting creations.

It was Cash's day today. He brought a book that most of this class loves, Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site. He also brought a snack food of crackers, cheese, and bananas. Good all the way around.

Audrey made my day by showing me at recess that she knows the whole Soundabet. She took the microphone after recess and showed all her classmates the same thing. She's a Soundabet Master now, the first one to join in 2014. Way to go, Audrey!!

I'm hoping a few more of her classmates will soon join the guild.

Here's a happy Audrey shown with her sister, Glory, taken at dismissal this morning.

Audrey, left, and her little sister, Glory, right

There is a PTO meeting this afternoon. If any kindergarten parents want to offer their time and energy in service to Dunham, please come. It's a very good way to get involved in the Dunham School community.

Be well.

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