Thursday, January 16, 2014

Millie & the Blendmasters

Yesterday was Dario's day. He meant to bring in his new puppy, Millie, to share with the class on his day, but we got it done first thing this morning.

Millie is a Jack Russell Terrier mix, a sweet and very lovable 7-month old puppy. Millie was born with just one ear. She's full of love and spunk and happy to have found a loving home with Dario and Drew.

You need a good, fast camera to photograph a Jack Russell without getting some blurriness!

We've been blending up some new and interesting words in kindergarten. We call the game "Blendmaster" and it's a fun game to play. You can play it at home. Get out your Soundabet cards and take a red card (all the red cards are vowel cards) and two black cards (all the black cards are consonant cards) and place them down in a row Black-Red-Black.

Together these three cards will form will form a word—either a word that's familiar, like sun, or shark—or a word that hasn't been "born" yet. All the words will be readable. Just blend them together.

Here's some words I left in the pocket chart after this morning's session.

Ella is a vowel-consonant-vowel word, but her name got up there b/c she was absent today and we were missing her.

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