Monday, January 27, 2014

Last Monday of January

Several people told me today how good they felt to see something other than (dry) blue sky overhead this morning. Even cloudy weather feels welcome in our prolonged drought. There's some rain in the forecast for Thursday, and, even though it is a bike day, I am hoping the rain comes in for real.

With that in mind, I was happy to be able to get out today for a short bike time before our drama lesson with Miss Dana. Cash is putting some good two-wheel practice on the Zootr scooter I brought in here. A few more days of gliding around the playground on those two wheels will give him the skills he needs to balance a bike without the help of training wheels.

We used the part of the morning usually used for centers to provide a little directed drawing lesson. Julie got to choose the subject of the lesson. She wanted me to teach the class about how to draw a cat.

I showed the kids how to draw a cat from a few simple shapes they already know how to draw—rectangle, a circle, some straight and curved lines, some dots, and upside down V's.

Here are the drawing of some of the class. They (and I) were quite pleased with the results.

I wanted the kids to bring their drawings home today.

Tomorrow we will start a new round of centers. Until then,

Be well.

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