Friday, January 31, 2014

Last Day of January 2014

We finished up the month of January today. Here are a few glimpses of what we have been up to in kindergarten.

We began the day with our 3-D linking cubes. At this point most of the kinders are making linear patterns like they do with the linear linking cubes. But a few are beginning to think in three dimensions. Their insight will spread. Mackie made a humanoid robot capable of standing up.

One of the centers has material for making Valentines cards. Using his Soundabet knowledge, Evan made this one.

That first person pronoun got the Soundabet spelling. I see this a lot in mid kindergarten. No worries.

Iris mastered the Soundabet today. That makes for a happy teacher, a happy aide—Mrs. Zell helped her a bunch—and a happy class that got some extra bike time today. We're all happy for her.

She finished with plenty of sand in the upper chamber.
Earlier in the day, Iris had her hand in helping to decorate our room with some kinder paintings. Here she is at work at the easel.

Others have painted before her and their works are on the wall.

Jacob's blue painting, upper left corner, looks like a bike popping a wheelie.
Finally, we're making God's Eye weavings. They are coming along well.

I hope you enjoy the weekend.

Be well.

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