Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jacob's Snack

It was Jacob's day to bring in snack today, and it came packed in two cardboard boxes. Inside were his hi-tech robot snack. It was well received by the class.

A robot assembled from a juice box, raisins, a fruit roll-up, and a cup of fruit.
Earlier that day we had centers. I was impressed by the careful observations and drawings of our budding science investigators.

We did have a nice time out on bikes in this warm, dry, winter sunshine. Then we got back inside in time to see the Traveling Lantern Theater's production of Greek mythology.

Two actors cover many roles. It works.

I love how the actors get the audience up on stage to assist.

Evan and Ella on stage with King Midas
Kaden lends a hand on stage

And so does Sophia

It was a fun day and it flew by fast.

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