Thursday, January 30, 2014

Day #100

It was day #100 of kindergarten today.

We kept the celebrations relatively mild. There were no centers today due to not enough center leaders so we spent a little more time with the Zoobs than usual. Then we talked about doing 100 laps around the track collectively.

Mrs. Zell helped the kids figure out that if each of the 26 kinders went around the track 4 times we'd get to 100 laps, 104 actually.

Here she is counting our unifix cube model of 4 laps per kid.

She led the class in counting aloud to 104.

Then we went outside to actually walk or run around the track 4 times each, dropping a unifix cube into a bucket each time we went around the track. We also kept track on the giant counting frame.

We did 100 laps in a little more than 15 minutes.
The rain that had been forecast for today never really materialized, so we got a nice long bike time.

A few kinders are getting close to getting their names on the Soundabet Masters chart. I am excited so many are interested in achieving this.

Be well.

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