Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 A Good Start

On the first day back from winter break in January it is common to have some "back to school" tears at the drop off time. But this morning we had no tears. Whew!

We had a morning assembly and then came back into the room to work at the tables on a familiar math manipulative, Cuisenaire Rods. Beck made an interesting design at his table:

I've never before seen a kindergartner make concentric rectangles with these materials.
There were other designs, too.

Cash built a swimming pool with a diving board.

Three swimmers in the pool and a fourth on the end of the diving board

A flower sprouted up in front of Audrey.

Perky little thing

Miss Dana, our drama teacher came by at the end of the day to teach us our drama lesson. She has a knack for getting everyone to participate in her activities.

She read us Dr. Seuss's story, The Sneeches.

She introduced us to the first moves of the dance we'll perform on Pasta Night.

A good day today.

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