Friday, December 6, 2013

Winter Family Drama


It's looking a little wintry outside the classroom as I write this. There's a few sprinkles riding a cold wind out of a gray sky.

It's looking wintry indoors as well. Mrs. Zell brought in her Christmas tree and set it up on the counter under the northern windows.

In our new centers a red/green paper chain was started. One table made the length you see there, so by the end of this set of centers we'll have a lot of paper chain hung in the lights.

The snow flakes we made yesterday are up on the wall in the northeast corner bulletin board. Looks like a cozy quilt to me.


(Word Families that Is)

We've begun a journey through simple word families to see which family is biggest. Yesterday we looked at the "ET" word family and found 10 members in it. Today we looked at the "AT" family and found that it has 10 members as well. (The class decided that VAT is not a word. None of them had ever heard that word before!) Here is a photo of the AT family of words:

Quite a few kids could read "chat" and "that" even though they are not considered kindergarten words.

We will continue this study in the coming weeks.


Starting this Monday Miss Dana will visit our school to teach lessons in the dramatic arts. Drama lessons will preempt bicycle time on Mondays for the next trimester. There is no need to bring bikes or helmets on Mondays for a while. I'm hoping that lots of rainy weather will make missing bicycle time to make room for drama lessons a moot point.

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