Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tomorrow: PJ's / 5th Buddies / 1:30 / Today's News / Homework

Tomorrow is Pajama Day. Remember:

Send your child in regular shoes.
Stuffed animals that can fit in cubbies are okay.

It's fun!

We will start up with 5th grade buddies tomorrow. Dismissal will be at 1:30.

Yesterday the KIDS club left containers with water outside overnight in the garden. This morning as we opened school we retrieved them to see whether they froze in the cold nighttime temperatures. Sure enough, they did.

Water froze completely in the gray plastic tray; in the aluminum tray it froze pretty thick.

Maybe 1.5 inches thick
We found 8 words in the "EN" family today

Any ought to be spelled "eny" don't you think? We also found OPEN. Can your child read these words?

For homework, leave a container with water in it outdoors overnight and check it in the morning.

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