Thursday, December 5, 2013

News Notes

With these frosty cold mornings, Mrs. Zell and I thought it would be good to make some artwork related to cold weather. So this morning in the time we usually run centers we did a whole class art project making snowflakes using sponges and stencils. Here are two examples:

After we cleaned up after making the snow flakes, we met to talk about yesterday's longer day. Overall it went well enough, and it should go even more smoothly in the coming weeks when we get our fifth grade buddy program going.

I'm seeing that many of you are working at home with the Soundabet. We'll soon have our first Soundabet masters demonstrating their proficiency for their classmates.

Bike day was fun. It seems more like news these days to say that no one learned to ride on two wheels today. But Julie's getting close.

Be well.

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