Friday, December 13, 2013

More Blending & Soundabet Masters

We're looking at more word families. In the past couple of days we've looked at the "OP" family of words and the "OT" family as well.

The kindergartners settled on these 10 members of the "OP" family:

That's a solid 10 words in this family.

The "OT" family we studied today is larger than any family we've looked at so far. They found 13 members of the family.

I didn't say a word about the "ough" spelling of the short o sound you find in the words on the left.
Waylon demonstrated that he knows the names of everyone in class today. Way to go, Waylon!

Ella, joined the masters of the Soundabet today. We are all proud of her accomplishment.

That makes 6 now.... and a lot more are on the path.
The weekend is almost here. I hope you enjoy it.

Be well.

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