Friday, December 20, 2013

Friday News & Winter Holiday Party

Today marked Race's last day with us. We looked at each page of the book that we made for him yesterday. We will miss Race and his family and we wish him well in his new school closer to his home.

The book at the right is the one we read for story today.

We made a lot more of the AB patterns and now just about all the class can make them. A lot of kids made the white/black version of the pattern and when we linked them together we found that the chain was longer than the width of the green mat, more than 14 feet long.

You can see other colors arranged in the AB pattern on the table

Yesterday Sophia joined the ranks of the Soundabet Masters. I'm hoping that once the holidays are over, we see another 9 or so kindergartners ready to achieve this milestone.

To date, 9 kindergartners have mastered the Soundabet.

The room parents put on a splendid holiday party that featured two crafts: a melted snowman tree ornament and a decorated edible tree. I took some photos of these crafts projects during the party.

Viviana explains the project

Under the melted snow there's some eyes, stick arms, peppercorn buttons, a scarf, and a hat. The ribbon we had to fish out so the ornament can be hung from the tree.

Almost done

Ready to begin

A good start

Spreading icing takes some patience and practice

Spreading on the icing nice and thick

The finished tree has a real Dr. Seuss quality.

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