Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Fine Day for Bikes!

Today was Race's day. He traded with Waylon so he could be the person of the day near the winter break. Race's family moved to Novato. He'll be attending school near his home after the winter holiday. We will miss Race and his family.

Both Mrs. Zell and I have adult children home with us to visit for the holidays. Rachael's daughter Monique visited today to help out around here. Here they are on the playground together during bike time.

Mrs. Zell got a photo of me and my son, Ted, who to the kindergarten kids is "The Other Mr. Gurney." I love it when Ted can come to school with me. He used to come when he was little and it just gets better as he gets older and himself joins the ranks of teachers.

We took a look at another word family this morning, this one the "ack" family. We found these ten words in it:

They know a song that spells BLACK.

Tomorrow there will be a classroom party from about 11:00 to 11:40 to celebrate the winter holidays and the winter solstice which falls on Saturday this year.

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