Thursday, November 14, 2013

Two Kinders Join the Bicycle Posse

It's been a week since we got out on the bikes. Today, Noah let us know that the training wheels had come off his bike. Both Mrs. Zell and I thought that those training wheels came off last weekend and that he had learned how to ride a two wheeler almost a week ago.

Mrs. Zell gave Noah a push and off he went. Here's a video she got of him riding.

We were, of course, pleased to see that he could ride with his friends. Neither she nor I actually knew how many days ago he learned, so neither of us made a huge deal of his new bicycling skills.

When his mom came to pick up Noah at the end of the school day, we learned that those training wheels had been taken off just THIS MORNING. He actually did NOT know how to ride on two wheels—well, he didn't know how until today.

As you may guess, learning is contagious.

Martin decided it was time for him to join the bicycle posse. Like Noah, teaching him was a matter of giving him a bit of a nudge. Soon Martin was riding around the playground literally beaming and proudly telling his friends, "Look, I can ride!"

It's a good day when a kindergartner learns to ride a bike. It's a rare day when two kinders learn on the same day.

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