Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Turkey Art & Other Stuff

Today was a "between centers" day so we had an opportunity to make some art. Nicholas's mom, Amy, and Aileigh's mom, Rachel, helped Mrs. Zell and me get these made in the first hour of the morning.

The idea came from Teri Sparks, Dario's mom when Dario made one about one year ago at Training Wheels Preschool in Cotati.

You can see Dario's work from a year ago at the top of the photo
Here are Rachel and Amy toward the end of the art time. I was really grateful that they stayed and they were grateful to stay (each had a younger sibling along) so it was a win/win all the way around.

While not making their handprint turkeys the class got a choice of what to do. They did a crackerjack job cleaning up when it was time to move on to the morning lessons.

At story time we figured out what was going on with the book, A is for Salad. Your child can explain it to you.

How can L be for hair dryer?

Tomorrow we start a new round of centers and new table groups. Should be fun. See you then.

Be well.

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