Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Wizard of Oz etc.

In kindergarten this morning we started off a new set of centers. We thought that we might not have enough parents, but it turned out that we had enough—it's great to have so many people happy to help us out in here.

I worked in one of the several centers working on patterns. We started off by stringing wooden beads into a pattern of their choice.

Then the center I was working with had fun dying noodles. Tomorrow they will string their noodles into keeper necklaces.

The necklaces will be strung into patterns.

We went out early today for some bike riding in the sun.

We have a great scooter to practice balancing.

Fun even if you already know how to ride bikes.

We got to see the Wizard of Oz by the Dunham Drama Department.

The cast included Cash, Evan, Aubrey, and Addie from kindergarten.

The good witch of the north talks to the Munchkins.
After school, Mrs. Zell put up the colorful handprint turkeys the kids made yesterday. Getting ready for Thanksgiving!

More than a handful of turkeys

Stuffed with love

Be well

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