Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Sneaking Writing Into the Curriculum

Conference time keeps me really occupied in the afternoons when I usually have time to post to this blog.

But I've got a short break so here's some photos I took today.

We realized we had not yet named our pet goldfish, so we took nominations. Here are the ideas for names volunteered by the class.

To vote they had to write the name they wanted on a ballot.

The top two vote-getters were "Goldy" and "Finny."

We decided to have a run-off election. Finny got more votes than Goldy, so our fish is now named Finny Goldy Zell.

The cool part was that the class wrote their choice for the fish's name without one of them saying it was too hard to do. Given that we haven't even started formally working on writing with lowercase letters yet, their ballots look pretty good.

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