Wednesday, November 27, 2013

News of Kindergarten

News from guest blogger, Mrs. Zell:

Both Monday and Tuesday went very well.

Center time was a breeze with all the wonderful parent volunteers. Monday we had so much help that every table had a parent and I was able to float around to just help out. On Tuesday we again had enough volunteers that every table had an adult. We are very lucky to have such great parents!

Jacob was very proud of the "turkey" fruit tray He brought for snack on Friday. Jax brought sugar cookies for his birthday and we all sang happy birthday.

Julie surprised me by asking to do the names at recess and she nailed it! We made time for her to take the mic on Tuesday and she earned her "heart"! I was very proud of her and she was SO happy! 
Nick G is also ready to give it a try!

Miss White let me know that our kindergarten was the best she's ever had the pleasure to sub for. She was very impressed and happy.


Beginning next week the kindergarten will dismiss at 1:30 each Wednesday. Kindergartners will take part in TRIBES and Class Buddies on the longer Wednesday schedule. The 11:45 dismissal time on Monday,  Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday remains unchanged.

Please note that the Transitional Kindergarten will still dismiss at 11:45 on Wednesday.

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