Sunday, November 3, 2013

Humorous Take on Standardized Tests

Okay, I hope you will forgive me in advance for climbing up on a soapbox.

Not all parents are buying the Common Core testing regime coming online that was largely paid for by Bill Gates, Rupert Murdoch and their uber wealthy friends.

 In fact, in New York a lot of parents are opting out of this new nationalized regime of standardized testing. They are wishing to go back to LOCAL control of schools.

That's the way it was thirty plus years ago back when I started teaching at Dunham: local control.

Each school reflected the community it served. Schools were not standardized, yes, that's true. And that's good.  What's true for shoes is true for schools: one size and one style of shoe isn't so great. Schools that fit the community the serve can be excellent in their own particular ways. Why should a school in Petaluma be just like a school in Alabama, Alaska, Texas, or Nebraska?

Enjoy the video. Hopefully, you don't speak German. Just read the subtitles....

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