Friday, November 15, 2013

Blending Words

Conference week is in the books. It was good to meet with you parents again and hear about your children's experiences of kindergarten. I hope you'll all find working with the Soundabet at home a positive learning experience with the biggest frustration being having to practice the known cards more than they want to before being allowed to add new sounds to the practice set.

We're beginning to blend the sounds into words in class. A lot of that practice will occur right off the bat at 8:00, so don't be late to school!

Today we looked at short words that contain the short e sound. Here's a picture of the words in the chart we used this morning. If your child has a pretty good grasp of the consonant letter sounds and knows how to blend them, then he or she should be able to read them. Invite your child to sit with you at the computer and offer to read these words aloud to him or her, pointing to the sounds as you go along.

I wonder if any of your children will tell you that they can read these words too.

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