Sunday, November 3, 2013

Assembly Tomorrow

I hope you can stay to see the morning assembly from 8:00 to 8:15 or so. The kindergarten will sing some songs we have been rehearsing for the assembled student body and whatever kindergarten parents can stay. Expect standing room only in the back of the community room.

At the assembly tomorrow I will also talk about the work we've done in kindergarten to shorten the time it takes to line up. Back in September, Mrs. Zell and I noticed that it would take anywhere from three to five minutes each time the kindergartners lined up. I knew we could do better than that.

The class met to talk about lining up and we set for ourselves the goal of lining up faster.

Over the course of October, Mrs. Zell timed us as we lined up and I kept a record of the results. This afternoon on my way home from paddling, I made this chart to show the data we collected. We improved quite a bit.

Now we have to decide what our common goal will be for November.

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